Custom Walk-In Closets?

Today with Ark-it it's simpler and delivered straight to your home.

The Ark-it system is composed of various modular structures that allow to create walk-in closets with different characteristics.
In fact, thanks to its dogged panels, various types of racks, self-supporting structures, shelves and accessories, the ability to make closets and space-saving furniture multiplies infinitely to best suit all needs.

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Arken, born in 1993, is a world leader in the production of modular furniture for shops, accessories, showcases, furnishings and mannequins.
The company's main headquarters are in Ferentino (FR), about 30 minutes from Rome. It covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters, of which 9,500 covered and used as a production plant for wood, iron and plastic materials, warehouses and offices.


Designer Carlo Baldassini

He graduated at the University of Naples in 1982. His thesis argument was the arrangement of the area of Chiaia (titled "Chiaia: between the hill and the sea, from the hill to the sea") with publication of the School of Architecture of Naples and subject to study for the city of Naples with a detailed plan.

He is registered at the Archives of the Province of Frosinone and is a member of the Association for Industrial Design.

In 1983, after a brief experience in Naples at a bank and office design company, he opened a study in Sora called "Laboratory of Architecture". The main focus was the support of architectural design and restoration, including the design of the production of objects and furnishing accessories, made by local artisans.

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